it was never easier

to look into the most fascinating and best organized organ

well known

Continously advanced in successive editions


by the Association of American Publishers.

The most detailed

and accurate delineations of brain structure available.

became converted

into new dimensions


  • extensively expanded (from 271 to 456 pages)
  • all sections represent the complete hemisphere
  • in standard stereotaxic space
  • major fiber tracts identified
  • cytoarchitecture included
  • cortical delineations (Brodmann areas)
  • cortical ribbon unfolded
  • horizontal (axial) and sagittal planes

More detailed

More insight

  • High-resolution (20μm) fiber-stained sections

    Fiber (myelin) stained sections with major fiber tracts identified and with color-coded sulco-gyral features.

  • High-resolution (20μm) cell-stained sections

    Cell (Nissl) stained sections with delineated Brodmann areas.

  • Fine-grained diagrams

    Diagrams with more than 200 delinated areas in standard space.


at a glimpse

  • Functional user-centered design
  • Structural, molecular and functional features combined
  • Different opinions included


by linearity

How is it done? By unfolding the cortical ribbon to a linear stripe.

A novel representation

taming the cortex data

One box for any cortex data

  • Standard space registration for synoptic representation of data from other brains
  • Simple [x,y,z] point based data access of different features
  • A single atlas for (almost) every other brain

Insight from the past

von Economo and Koskinas as an example

Correspondence to earlier seminal studies on high resolution images

It is not all about cortex

the subcortex is dealt in meticulous detail

Thalamus and hypothalamus in focus

Microscopic sections

... and all the

established outstanding features

Brain in situ

Brain in the head - cut in three cardinal planes.

X-ray images of the cadaver sections and MR-images from a healthy volunteer.

Morphometric data

Fresh volume, absolute, numeric and volumetric cell densities.

Histochemical findings specific for this brain.


Full text literature referring to the atlas brain.



"the most consistent and accurate atlas of the human brain ever constructed"

Laszlo Zaborski
Rutgers University

"one of the most worn books in my library and I've only had it for three years"

"it is also the best atlas I have seen for teaching the fundamentals of neuroanatomy"

Steven Rasmussen
Brown University

"unbelievable contribution to neuroanatomy"

Dimitrios Mytilinaios
University of Thessaloniki

"this is the premiere brain atlas - I cannot stress enough how good it is"

"I reference your atlas almost daily, and think it is an extremely impressive piece of work"

Anthony Dick
University of Chicago Medical Center

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